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Every influencer is an entrepreneur and the Influencer Husband™ teaches you how to grow and run your business efficiently. Discover the path to becoming a successful influencer through resources and courses taught by the pioneers of this industry. If you don’t own your business then it will own you.

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You have to own your business or else it will own you. The influencer industry may be exploding but it is lacking the technical guidance to help influencers understand operational details and infrastructure to successfully manage their lifestyle business. The Influencer Husband™ helps transition online influencers into full-fledged entrepreneurs.


“How do I make
money as an influencer?”


“How do influencers
handle their accounting?”


“How do I build
and manage a team?”


Behind the scenes of every influencer are dozens of administrative systems and processes to ensure the business is operational. This includes everything from photography, to partnership negotiation, accounts receivable, accounts payable, human resources, tax planning, project management, and more. The Influencer Husband™ symbolizes the behind-the-scenes operator to every influencer’s creative and entrepreneurial spirit. The influencer and Influencer Husband™ relationship is the necessary dynamic for every influencer career sustainable and successful.

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Meet The Influencer Husband™

Sup all you entrepreneurial and innovative influencers. My name is Jordan Joseph Ramirez. I am The Influencer Husband™ to Dani Austin. Lemme me tell you a little about my story. In 2013 I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin. In 2014 I joined a startup in Austin as employee number six that was soon sold to Daimler [owner of Mercedes Benz]. In 2016 I was named Chief Marketing Officer of a wearable tech company [The Apple Watch beat us but our marketing was cool]. I met Iris Apfel at YouTube space and orchestrated the global campaign marrying a 94 year old fashion icon with a tech startup. The sensational ad campaign went global with recognition from Vogue, InStyle, Refinery29 and Good Morning America, and more. In 2018 I became an Influencer Husband when I married Dani. When I became an Influencer Husband everyone made fun of me. Everyone simplified the influencer operation and lifestyle to me “taking pictures of my wife all day”. So… stop, collaborate, and listen, I’m back with a brand new mission. First: to rebrand the Influencer Husband™ [and influencer] into legitimate and entrepreneurial career path. Second: to share every trick, system and process that I have built to ensure every influencer can realize their full potential as successful entrepreneur too. Welcome to the 2019 people.

We would like to note that the term “Influencer Husband” is a symbolic term used to describe those who are behind-the-scenes of each influencer’s business. The term is an evolution of the satirical and pop-culture term “Instagram Husband” created in 2015, and broadened to encompass multiple platforms and stray from any trademark infringements with Instagram. We state explicitly that an Influencer Husband™ can equally be a friend, brother, sister, dad, mom, photographer, employee, or contractor as much as a husband by marriage. This applies to every use of the term in the podcast, resources, websites, courses, etc. Sometimes the literal “Influencer Husband” is referenced in regards to topics such as work-life-balance or balancing your successful online career with a successful private marriage too in-line with my personal mission for the brand as a married husband to an influencer too.

The Courses

IH C001:
How to Become an Influencer

1 How to build and launch your blog within 72 hours

2 How to Edit Cohesive Instagrams

3 How to Maintain a Consistent Content Calendar

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IH C004:
Influencer Husband 101

1 Is Your Business Ready for an Influencer Husband?

2 What Your Influencer Career Needs

3 How to Select the Best Influencer Husband

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IH C010:
Influencer Accounting 101

1 How to Automate Accounting to Focus on Content

2 Setting Up Your Accounting Systems

3 Recruiting Your Part-Time Accounting Staff

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